Artist Offers the Best Lodging Deal in NYC

Miao Airbnb Ad

For 1 USD per night, you can rent Shanghai-born artist Miao Jiaxin‘s studio in the Bushwick neighborhood of Brooklyn.  The catch is you will need to spend some time in a “dream cage”.

From 9 AM to 12 PM, guests must stay in a 6 x 8 x 6 jail-cell-like cage during which time use of the internet, electronic devices, books, radio, pens, crafts, talking, yoga, exercise, and sleep are all prohibited.  Outside of these three hours, the space may be used as a studio space.  The cage will be monitored 24/7 by video cameras, and a video feed will be streamed live online.  Miao, like a hospitality industry pro, also informs potential guests that fresh linens will be provided and that the “best cage accommodation you could ever find in NYC”  is sunny, has great a view, and is conveniently located.

Prison Rules

Prison has rules

The space was originally offered on Airbnb with the title “$1 USD / Jail’s Seeking Prisoners”.  Art site Hyperallergic discovered the listing was removed by the company and notified Miao who commented “I hope it’s just an accident. Airbnb has no reason to ban this listing.  They should thank me that I make their world more interesting.”  He reposted the ad but it was quickly removed again.   A representative from Airbnb contacted Miao to “respectfully inform” him that the ad was taken down because his space was not being a bona fide accommodation.  Miao again disagreed, replying to the company, “This room has bed, heating, air conditioning, refrigerator, a private full bathroom with shower within the same space. It is a very comfortable accommodation which can be considered as a theme hotel.”

Airbnb, perhaps humorless from other fights, was unmoved by his pleas, and the host is now taking reservations on his Facebook page.  He advises interested guests that “It’s not for fun…It’s for an experience. More like a psychological New York City experience.

Doing the Time of My Life

It might not be for fun, but you still might say this

Images: Miao Jiaxin Studio and Netflix