Fireworks Factories in China

Fireworks Factory in Liuyang

Like fireworks? Yeah, so do we. Ever wonder where and how these pyrotechnics are made before they end up for sale as fireworks in Chester or other areas? Like many other things, they’re made in China. Celebrating American independence (or other international firework holidays like the Fifth of November) helps the Chinese economy!

Asia Society has put together a collection of photos that look inside fireworks factories in China, birthplace of fireworks and their largest producer and exporter, and a brief overview of the industry. [Update: Gizmodo has information about the history of fireworks production in China]

Epic Fireworks has over 40 videos on their YouTube channel that tour the factories and give a better look of the factories and their workers. Did anybody else know that fireworks were made by hand? By using their hands this company is able to reduce the amount of wasted heat and energy by limiting their use of machinery. However, if your factory needs to use machinery, then whatever your business does, heat is a by-product of its processes. You can cut your energy costs and improve your carbon footprint by reusing the waste heat generated by your processes. You can check out a site like to give you a better idea of how to significantly cut your energy bills.

Here are few of the videos:

Working In The Firework Factory:

Fusing fireworks:

Firework Factory Workers Passing Time:

Guess The Age of the Firework Firework Factory?:

Image: Picture of a rocket firework factory in Liuyang, China 2014 by Epic Fireworks, licensed through Creative Commons