China Wins at the World Cup

FIFA Made in China

Germany defeated Argentina in the World Cup Final, and we are sure that many people placed bets on sites like FanDuel to get their predictions in, but South China Morning Post in an infographic declares that China, whose team failed to qualify for the tournament this year, is the big winner. How? By being involved with many aspects of the tournament, including:

– Manufacturing 80% of the souvenirs and merchandise (8 million items). The souvenirs and merchandise will have included custom t shirts with your nation’s badge and colors, as well as jerseys, flags, and any other items that you can possibly think of.
– Manufacturing 600 sets of security inspection equipment for 9 of the 12 stadiums (with continued support for 10 – 15 years)
– Manufacturing hybrid busses and electric high-speed trains – Providing equipment and assisting with construction of 8 stadiums
– Manufacturing scoreboards and LED displays
– Manufacturing solar panels and constructing hydropower
– Manufacturing and constructing cellular and wi-fi networks

Even the official match ball was made in China.

If only Chinese presence included a team…

China’s contribution of small goods isn’t surprising considering that everything is made in China, but the contribution of high-tech and infrastructure is notable.

Many fans may have noticed Yingli Solar’s (???????????? / ????????????) name on ads along the pitch-level walls. Who are they? They’re not exactly a household name, but they are the world’s largest manufacturer of solar panels. Climate Desk talks a little about China’s solar industry and had an opportunity to tour the factory in this video: