The Qixi Festival by Any Other Name Would Smell As Sweet

Qixi Over the Years

One of the internet’s simple pleasures is the Google Doodle which is updated daily with a image, animation, or game relevant to that day.  Since 2009 , the Doodle as seen by audiences in China, Taiwan, and Hong Kong has recognized the Qixi Festival (七夕节 / 七夕節).

In its first year, the holiday was simply referred to by its Chinese name (formatted as “QiXi”), but in the following three years, it was identified by a  more Western-centric name: “Chinese Valentine’s Day”.

2013’s Doodle, considered by some as the 3rd best Doodle ever, was a cute little game that let you unite the two lovers that inspired the holiday.  It reverted to calling the holiday by its Chinese name (this time in the correct format as “Qixi”) but also added the Korean name for this lunar festival, Chilseok as the festive Doodle began to appear for audiences in South Korea.

Image: Andrew Shiue