Eyebeam Residency – Deadline for Submission 1/10/15

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If you’re a Chinese media artist under the age of 35, you might be interested in the following:

TASML and Eyebeam are pleased to announce a new prize for emerging Chinese media artists under the age of 35, including those living outside China. Titled TASML | Carroll / Fletcher@Eyebeam: Young Chinese Artist Talent Award, the prize is generously sponsored by the London based Carroll Fletcher Gallery and Eyebeam. An international jury will convene to select the winning artist who demonstrates excellence of past works and future promise. The award money of US$8000 will support the selected artist for a three-month residency at Eyebeam in New York City. TASML and Eyebeam, in collaboration with Carroll / Fletcher Gallery, will organize receptions and presentations to introduce the awardee to the New York art community. Carroll / Fletcher Gallery will showcase the results of these residencies for the awarded artists in its London space over the two-year cycle of the award.

Eyebeam is currently supporting initiatives within the theme of “Techne!”, as outlined below. In order to bring together artists working in similar trajectories, the application for the TASML | Carroll / Fletcher@Eyebeam: Young Chinese Artist Talent Award encourages proposals on this theme, but does not require it. Evidence of compelling past works will be critical in the selection process.


In light of tectonic shifts in the overlap between art, culture and technology in recent years, Eyebeam is throwing open its Residency program to a single invocation – Techne! This focus is also the theme of Eyebeam’s current residency call. 

The term techne, for the Greeks, was inclusive of the arts as well as craftsmanship and engineering. Now, the chasm between art and technology is narrowing, with the boundaries between arts, craft, and aesthetics blending in exciting new ways, largely due to high-tech/low-cost computation and more pervasive internet access.

We are asking you — artists, digital creators, engineers, creative technologists, researchers and cultural producers — to join us in creating provocative work that helps realign the arts to the machinic. As devices become further extensions of the body, in a time when advertisements are tailored to hyper-specific, localized desires and privacy is nearly a luxury product, artistic practice is more important than ever in influencing the cultural trajectory. This residency cycle Eyebeam is looking to support new work that is deeply examining artistic creation in relation to emergent technology, in various forms, and will consider all proposals, especially those that have positive real-world impact. 

The deadline for submission is January 10, 2015.

See the residency page for further information.

Good luck to those who apply!

Thanks to Xiaolei Zhang for the tip.