Guangzhou Begins Snowman Manufacturing


A blizzard dropped a record amount of snow on the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast states yesterday.  Yet, they were not the only places that received a shocking amount of snow.  This weekend, for the first time since the keeping of modern meteorological records, snow fell in the southern Chinese city of Guangzhou which is known for commerce and manufacturing.  The metropolis, nicknamed “The Flower City” because of its warm weather year-round, lies just south of the Tropic of Cancer, and its daily mean temperature in January is 57 °F (13.9 °C).


Image from Wikipedia

Flight path of direct flight from MIA to CAN

A flight path of those escaping the snow for warmer city

Other than becoming terrible drivers, what do people who never see snow do when they get it?  They build snowmen.  Now, Guangsnow didn’t get that much white stuff, and it was mixed with sleet, but since when has that ever stopped anybody who wanted to play in the snow?




The availability of green leaves as props is a sign the snow is unusual


Snowducks are also being made


Face like the expressionless emoji


This one looks helpless.


In disbelief of its own existence


Surrounded by paparazzi


Did any of them take a selfie with the snowman?  Photo from Weibo user @AC饶谨

Meanwhile, it also snowed in the mountains around Taipei, and Hong Kong is experiencing its coldest winter in decades.

All photos from Weibo account @八卦_我实在是太CJ了 unless otherwise noted.  Photos collected by Hansi Liao.