1st Dafen International Oil Painting Biennale – Call for Submissions


The Dafen Art Museum in Shenzhen invites artists worldwide to participate in the 1st Dafen International Oil Painting Biennale, which has the theme “Opening-up and Integration.”  Best known as the place where copycat oil paintings are made (70% of commercial paintings in European and American markets come from China and 80% of these are from Dafen), Dafen hopes that through the International Oil Painting Biennale, it will be recognized as a leader in the development of China’s cultural industry and will become a platform and window for mutual understanding between China and the world, enhancing the artistic exchange between countries worldwide.

An exhibition featuring participants is scheduled for October 2018 at the museum, and some artists will be invited to attend.  The submission deadline for international applicants is May 15, 2018.  Information about the submission process is below,a nd

1. The participating works should be oil paintings created in the last 3 years
2. The length and width of oil painting works should be no less than 1m (excluding the outer frame).

No Application Fee. However, if your work is selected, you will be required to cover the cost of round-trip insurance of transportation for your work. The Organizing Committee will cover the cost of round-trip transportation for the selected international works.

1. Each participating artist will receive a copy of the “The Collection of 1st Dafen International Oil Painting Biennale, China”. The Collection will be published in color print and include all participating works, artist bios, work descriptions and other related content.
2. The Organizing Committee will invite some artists to Shenzhen to attend the opening ceremony of the Dafen Biennale and related meetings. Expenses for invited artists in Shenzhen will be reimbursed by the Organizing Committee.
3. The Dafen Art Museum will discuss the specific collecting intention with the participating artists for the selected works. The artist of each collected work will receive proper collection fee of RMB 100,000 (equal to about USD 15,870 including tax) and a collection certification issued by the Organizing Committee.
4. The participating artists will receive a Dafen Biennale Participating Certificate awarded by the Organizing Committee.

The committee will use online registration, and participating artists should log on to the website and submit their application according to the requirements. Applicants need to submit JPG format HD images of one work (the image should be no less than 5MB, and the digital photo of the artist should be no less than 1MB) and are required to complete the unified registration form of works which can be found on the official website. Please do not mail photos or original works. All participating information will be archived.

The judging committee will select the works based on the photos of works, and the results will be issued on the official website of the Dafen Biennale (http://dfbiennale.artron.net/) in June 2018.

For more information, visit the Biennale’s English page.